// Who we are

We are Prestige Woods, a premier equestrian centre in Ontario providing outstanding horse boarding facilities with quality services.

We pride ourselves on unmatched care for all horses coupled with luxurious amenities for equestrians.

At Prestige Woods, our number one priority is to create an everlasting positive connection with and between horses and riders, bringing out the best in both.

We are equipped with a team that consists of highly experienced, passionate individuals. They will make sure that each and every horse that steps into our facility will have the care they deserve.

If you are looking for a premium home with premium care for your equine partner, you have arrived at your destination!

Mission Statement

To provide access to world-class equestrian facilities, enjoyable riding experiences and comprehensive training in an enjoyable yet professional atmosphere.

Vision Statement​

To be Eastern Ontario’s number one prestigious facility serving the equine and equestrian community.

Core Values

  • Excellence: Upholding world-class standards in all our facilities and services
  • Wellbeing: Protecting the safety and welfare of equestrians and equines equally.
  • Trust: Ensuring trustworthy relationships across Ontario’s equestrian community
  • Transparency: Instilling an ethical and transparent approach through all areas of equestrian participation