The care they deserve meets the care we provide!

Our boarding stables ensure a level of premium care and comfort for your horse. As an equestrian centre dedicated to being the best home in town for all horses that come our way, keeping them happy and healthy is a top priority.

We take pride in making sure their most important needs are attended to by the highest means possible.

What types of Boarding do we provide?

Pasture Boarding. Event Boarding. Pleasure Boarding. Hunter/Jumper Boarding. Dressage Boarding.

We cater to all the above types of horse boarding, and your horse will be made to feel at home, at ease at any facility you choose us for.

Barns at Prestige Woods

Main Barn

At the main barn, we have 11 European Style stalls, each with a 12x13 size.

Small Barn

At the small barn, we have 5 stalls. Three of them with a 12x12 size, and the rest with a 15x12 size.

Quarantine Barn

Four stalls are also available for horses that come in just for shows, ship in horses or any horse that needs quarantining.

About our premium stalls

  • Each stall is cleaned twice a day.
  • They are equipped with an automatic waterer, grain feeder and a blanket bar.
  • To allow maximum air circulation, all stalls have an open grating at the front.
  • Moreover, each stall has an industrial fan for when the sun is mean.
  • Each stall is banked and bedded with premium shavings.

Turnout facilities

Regular turnouts are crucial for the horses, both mentally and physically. Prestige Woods boasts two extra-large paddocks for group turnouts or retirement, 2.5 acres and 8 acres in area.

Boarders have the option to choose how their horse is turnout out, either individually or in a group.

For grazing purposes, we have 12 separate paddocks and all of them are double fenced.

We pick out the horse’s hooves when they return to their stalls from turnout. Additionally, if needed, the horses are hosed off if they are sweaty.

More about our paddocks:

  • They are planted with custom seeds, with alfalfa and orchard grass mix.
  • The premium quality of the pasture allows for fewer supplements and less grain to be fed.
  • All paddocks are well maintained and serviced.
  • Plumbing services run to two initial paddocks allows for ease of trough refills throughout the turnout area.
  • Each stall is banked and bedded with premium shavings.

More about the Arena:

  • Thermostatic heated and fully insulated arena
  • Oversized electronic clear privacy access doors on both ends for access and summer-time indoor riding.
  • Travel Right - dust-free, laser levelled footing with added crumb rubber and superior footing.
  • They don’t require watering, a little maintenance would do.
  • Operable windows for cross ventilation for summer indoor riding.
  • The sound system runs throughout the barn and arena.
  • High bay prismatic cold weather proof H12 Lighting

More about Rings:

  • 110’ x 220’ sand rings, all tile drained.
  • Premium equestrian sand footing Hutcheson Equestrian Surfaces
  • Both rings are fully irrigated from the fence line.

Horse Care

  • They are fed four times a day with premium hay and premium omega grains.
  • Clean, fresh water is served and they will never be out of sight.
  • If needed and they are sweaty, we hose the horses.
  • Industrial fans for summer and during winter / rain blanketing & booting.

We make sure that your horse boarding experience is as rich and custom as possible, and hence we give you the option to opt for food and supplement of your preference.

After all, a happy horse is what we all love to see!