Training harder, and learning something new, or sharpening existing skills is a continuous journey for a horse and its rider. From quality training programs to premium lessons, Prestige Woods provides you with all!

We believe in a continuous, lifelong partnership with you and your horse. Establishing a strong relationship between the equine athlete and their rider will enhance overall performance.

Our trainers are the best at what they do. They’ve been around horses throughout their lives, with dedication and commitment. They will train you and your horse to reach the highest potential through several sessions and for as long as you choose our service.

Whether you are new to the sport or are an experienced rider, our training is advanced enough to train and develop skills to increase efficiency and communication. We also offer it for riders who want to improve generally or learn other disciplines.

Best part? The team is flexible enough to customize our training to cater to any and everyone!

Ottawa's Dressage Training

From beginners through FEI to Grand Prix, you name it, and we will equip you with high-quality training.

Ottawa's Eventing Training

We provide event training from beginners to advanced riders, and the experience our team brings to the arena will be unmatched.

Ottawa's Horse Jumping Training

Our horse jumping training ranges from the first cross to full jumping, beginner to experienced. Both riders and horses will skill up from the collective knowledge of our trainers.


Prestige Woods is home to highly qualified equestrian trainers who are ready to welcome riders of all levels and educate them about everything they know.

Whether you’re just a beginner, need assistance with building confidence, or want to learn a new discipline, our team can give you the necessary education and training you need to ride high on your endeavour.

Horse Riding Lessons

Wanna learn how to ride horses? We’ve got you covered!

Horse Equestrian Lessons

Dreaming about getting into the sport? You are in the right place.

Horse Care Lessons

Want to learn how to best care for your equestrian partner? Our team loves horses, and they will teach you to best manage your horse, the relationship between you and your horse, and many more.